Thursday, 17 September 2009

Social Media 'Event'

There is an interesting Social Media 'event' taking place next week. there is a introduction post here on the feedingthepuppy blog. Have a look, get involved if you want to. Why should it just be planners and creatives who have all the ideas?!

Friday, 11 September 2009

A very interesting find

I was working on a pitch recently for a company I will not name. It was a very 'interesting' system structure in their brief, and we came up with a very good (we thought) solution to the problem. BrandMaster. This small but mighty Norweigan outfit are a very good find indeed and even though we did not win the pitch, no doubt partly due to a client's fear of technology, I really want to work with them.
Their solution is simple: automated production and integrated project management all on a web-based, very user-friendly system. Ah I hear sighs as I write that, but this system is very impressive indeed. It is created by software developers, not repro houses so at the base of the system is flexible technology.
I probably should keep them to myself, but you are going to hear about them sooner or later.