Friday, 18 May 2012

The Arsehole Effect

Kind of a random one, but interesting nonetheless, this is something I read about a few weeks back, it is a post by Olivier Blanchard called the Brand management: The asshole effect, it is the effect on the perception (and therefore the custom) of your business based on any arseholes you may have in your company. People judge your business by your people.

Top 5 ways of asshole-proofing your company:
1. Don’t hire assholes. They are bad for business, and they breed inside organizations like weeds.
2. Don’t promote assholes. The only thing worse than an asshole is an asshole with authority (including the authority to hire and promote assholes when you aren’t paying attention.
3. Give your current assholes the “opportunity” to go work for your fiercest competitor. Do this immediately. Make sure the door doesn’t hit them in the ass on their way out.
4. Once removed, replace your former assholes with nice, smart friendly people. (They’re out there and they want to work for you, but your assholes probably already turned them down. Go find them and invite them back.)
5. Reward all of your employees for NOT being assholes.

Bonakdar Cleary

On Wednesday Seamus and Tara from Bonakdar Cleary popped in to show us some of their amazing talent on offer. It was great to see some new work from Levon Biss (Swimmer, below) and also some work from the brilliant Peter Funch, this shot he set up the camera on a street corner and all these people holding the yellow envelope came at different times (un-planned) and he composed the images with the individual frames.

Friday, 11 May 2012


The lovely ladies from Vue came into us a few weeks ago, I have been a little busy to find time to post about it.
They had some great new work and some old work, but it was great to meet all of them and spend some time looking through the books and hearing the stories behind the images; probably something I find the most interesting about agent visits, I always want to know how it was done.
I particularly loved Charlie Cranes work (below) especially this striking image of the woman all dressed in pink, almost Chanel suit, holding a rifle. Brilliant.

Thanks for coming in!
Soon after I entered Vue's Easter competition where they hid several Easter eggs in the images on their site and if you found them all you could enter to win an iPad. I won. Stoked!