Friday, 17 June 2011

Toyota multi touch wall

Toyota Vision Multi-Touch Wall Case Study from JUXT Interactive on Vimeo.

This was at the North American International Auto Show this year, it's something else I have found on theFWA site, it's really a brilliant place to keep up with what you can do online and with digital technology.

Next week Cannes...

If your agency is anything like the one I am working in at the moment there will be a mass exodus of creatives from London to decend on Cannes Lions next week. I wonder if any agencies are treating their chosen ones like the Royal family and making them travel on separate planes?
Good luck to all the entrants, though to some I think it is more about thse sun and parties than the awards ceremony.

If you can't go to Cannes, go to Cannt

The D&AD's were on last night. I expect there are some sore heads today.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pioneering Beering

Client: Hahn Super Dry Beer
Title: Pioneering Beering
Agency: Publicis Mojo, Sydney
Creative Director: Micah Walker
Art Director: Justine Armour, Ruth Bellotti

Friday, 10 June 2011

Contagious Magazine

I had a drink with a digital producer friend of mine earlier this week, we were chatting about the advertising world getting more digital, as we all well and truly know, and I asked (grilled) her to find out how we as project managers can learn more about what is happening now, what we can do to be pro-active in learning about new technologies as every digital project is slightly different and even experienced digital producers will come across something they have not done before - unlike print where most jobs are very similar, with digital just about every job is different.

She told me about two places.

One is The FWA. The Favorite Website Awards. They feature a 'site of the day' which is very highly regarded. It's a great place to start to go to for us to see what is possible and what is new with regards to website. The Kijjaa site I mentioned earlier in the week is one I saw on here. I'll continue to post about other sites I find on the site. You can also search by production companies and agencies so you can see who has done what.

The other is Contageous Magazine. They have a website but unfortunately you need to be as subscriber to see most of the content. With an annual rate - 985 GBP + Delivery (excl VAT) it is probably too steep to invest in, but ask around at your agency to see if they have copies of the magazine to look at.

This is what they say about themselves:
'Our quarterly magazine identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world's most revolutionary marketing strategies. The accompanying DVD showcases over 60 pieces of high quality creative work sourced globally. Each campaign is presented in a 'challenge/solution/results' format, which analyses the effectiveness of these innovative marketing solutions'

Just passing on what I find out.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kijjaa online game

Now this is cool. Click on this link, go to the site, download the app from the appstore (not a free app unfortunately) and then enter the code on the website screen into your iPhone.
Then you have a very simple but addictive video game which you control from your iPhone - shooting and moving, tilting the iPhone, swerving side to side...Amazing. No idea how this works technically but I am going to find out!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Transparent Solar Panels

I am working on a project for one of my clients at the moment and I came across this amazing product - Transparent solar panels, which are really no thicker than putting a piece of paper through one of those old laminating machines, AND it produces 20% more electricity than standard solar panels!

Obviously I cannot talk about the project but this product is very cool, the company is called Konarka, their European sales are based in Germany.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Marketing Week Live - 29-30 June 2011

It's back again.
To be honest last year I felt a bit lost there and found the 'In-Store' show to be mainly aimed at those who work in marketing departments of retail clients, but it was still interesting in seeing the new technologies on offer.

The Online Marketing again is probably more targeted to clients and not agencies but you really should keep up with new technologies. Register for your free entry.

It's on at Olympia again.