Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jacky Winter

Today I met with Sarah Ewing at SEA, the photography branch of the Jacky Winter Group. It was great to talk about the emerging creativity in Melbourne and as Sarah had also lived in London, talking about the similarities and differenced in the cities. 

I explained the Producer role I have been doing in various agencies in London for the past 3 years and how we are more aligned with the creative department than account management - and that I am hoping to find a similar role here in Melbourne.

Work by Oslo Davis (not in the exhibition)

In the Lamington Drive gallery they have within their office in Collingwood there was an exhibition of cartoon work by Oslo Davis called As If, to be honest I had not heard of his work, but it was brilliant. Funny and some great observations. There was also a wall with some re-worked classic modern Australian art pieces including Russell Drysdale and Brett Whiteley - the latter was an 'improved' replica of an editioned print that my uncle used to have on his living room wall. 

If you are in Melbourne, and you have time, go and see it.