Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tony Dell, the oldest man in Advertising in London*

I have the great honor of sitting next to Tony Dell, He is the oldest man working in Advertising here in London. My first week here back in September we celebrated his 91st birthday with cakes and tea.

Every week, sometimes several times a week, Tony sends us an email about his artistic adventures (he is Head of Visual Inspiration here at DLKW Lowe) which are always interesting because as you can imagine, he knows a hell of a lot about art.

Tony has always been an artbuyer since the 1950's, he still sits within the creative services department here inspiring the whole agency. I think this is prertty damn amazing.
Here is a piece he wrote on why the future of advertising looks colourful.

With his permission I may add a few of his emails as posts to this blog.

* Don't know if this claim is true, but I like to think so.

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