Wednesday, 19 September 2012

YouTube Producers Toolbox Tech Talk at Google

Yesterday I went to the Producer Toolbox for YouTube 'morning of insight and inspiration for Interactive & Film producers'. It was hosted by Alison Lomax with talks by Charlotte Mart and a bloke I can't remember his name, as soon as I can find it out I will add it here, sorry I am more than rubbish with names and I forgot to write his down!

It was really interesting (maybe more so to me, a newbie to this stuff), they touched on some of the things which had already had a presentation on internally here at Albion, a couple of the social media planners gave us a talk on what was changing in YouTube (and other social site changes), so it was great to have a refresher of these and this YouTube event was much more in-depth than our in-house one. I really thought there would be more interactivity as the invite promised 'mix of presentations, interactive sessions and demo stations...' however I will say after the presentations I do feel I could create my own brand YouTube channel now, and I know what is available in the 3 channel options. I made loads of note and they gave us this great reference tool book:

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