Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Web Design Basics

I thought I would do a post on the course I did last week at the University of Middlesex Summer School.

As we all do, I wanted to learn more about digital, and not just the social media stuff but the actual foundations of what is online. Way back when I was a spring chicken and first starting out I decided that the best way to understand and manage artwork was to learn how to do it, so I put myself on a Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop course. Now, my skills are very basic but at least I understand what needs to be done and how, makes my job easier. I figured it was the same for web.

On this course I learned how to code HTML and how CSS works. The course was just what I needed, the room was 50/50 split with young kids (twentysomethings) and older - the oldest bloke looked like he was in his sixties, good for him I thought!

The first two and a half days was pure HTML, headings, breaks, links etc, then we got onto CSS - all the while actually doing things, practicing. The last 2 days was spent learning more things - rollover banners, animated gifs, colours (or colors as the code was done by Americans), and buiding our websites. I am pleased to say I am still working on mine, I am not changing careers but I may well do it as a hobby, something to do on a rainy day to keep up my knowledge.

It is only run once a year and there is only one class so look out for next years, sign up.

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